Can you feel it? Springtime is slowly but surely coming into our lives. Days are longer, sweeter, sunnier. Early in the morning when all is quiet, birds are singing with their most beautiful voices. One more week and Yann & I will be on holidays for a trip in the footsteps of the Antwerp Six. One more week and this merry spirit will completely spring in our minds & bodies. We love Springtime (who doesn't?) for so many reasons. It means the perspective of drinking outdoors tasty glasses of wine. It means sleeping with the windows wide open with a soft & delicate air caressing our skin. It means the beginning of the festival season. This particular thing also means new albums from our favorite artists and some exciting new discoveries that will make us dance the whole season and perhaps, during Summer as well. Back in 2013, we discovered La Femme, a curious band whose album named Psycho Tropical Berlin was a perfect mix of madness & mesmerizing vibes. Three years later, their songs are still in my headphones and one particular, Time to Wake Up, is among my 10 most favorite songs. This title, Psycho Tropical Berlin can sound weird at first but when you've listened to it, it only makes perfect sense: it's psychedelic, heady, obsessive, rock & "new wavy" with a touch of all the sounds you could find in a Berlin club and above all, it makes you want to look at the sea, sitting on the warm sand, drinking a complicated cocktail out of a fresh coconut. Listen to it, you'll see!

Today, the French band has released a brand new song from their brand new album coming in a few months (please hurry up guys!). This song entitled Sphynx is just as weird & psychedelic as their previous songs and is another proof that these artists have built a very personal universe with a very personal sound far from all the pre-digested songs we can hear these days.

So enjoy this long song mixing arabic influences with techno for the same obsessive result! Let's hope they will tour on some French festivals these Spring/Summer season and perhaps, we'll be lucky enough to watch them live during the We Love Green Festival we'll attend in June!

And here is my favorite song from La Femme, Time To Wake Up

Words by Charles Margueritte

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