What to wear today? This trivial question keeps on coming back every single morning. But to a larger extent, what to wear when a new season is blooming? What to wear for Spring? This question is haunting us. We are so glad Spring is back, we don't want to miss a thing! As you may know, colors are essential to us and definitely a statement. Bold colors, bright colors are perfect to warm a silhouette in Winter for instance. And what about soft or pastel colors for the Spring/Summer season to twist an outfit up, to change the deal?  What about a blush pink like the one you can find on the Acne Studios shopping bags? This kind of color for men is the next thoughtful move, don't you think? Since, according to us, there are no rules in fashion, there are no rules regarding the colors you may wear. Colors defined as "feminine" like blush pink, pale blue or any other pastel shades can be delightful for men and very ballsy! These pale colors are definitely an obsession and make us want to adopt them in our wardrobe. They are definitely inspirational. 

We have been invited by Farfetch to enter a contest with a simple rule: "Create a nude, pastel or blush look showing off your perfect Spring look". If you need some inspiration to create a perfect outfit or if you just want to create a perfect dream wardrobe, Farfetch & its experience of unlimited shopping is certainly the best place to get lost! Wandering in the maze of its multiple online shops from all around the world is one of our (numerous) shopping guilty pleasures.

Here are the pieces we selected. That's how we would love to wear pastel and to be honest, according to us, this is the best way to wear such soft colors! This outfit composed of J.W.Anderson & Loewe pieces, accessorized by silver sunglasses & a Bao Bao bag and worn with soft yellow Stan Smith is an absolute killer! What do you think? What is your dream pastel outfit?

Selection and Words by Yann Sackville-West & Charles Margueritte

2 commentaires:

  1. Pastel colors are perfect for spring time! Love this cutest sweater!

  2. i have a very similar trench i snagged at TJ Maxx. just a great buy!