I have to admit that before going to Amsterdam and though I was eager to visit the Ducth capital, I a consequent number of clichés running through my head. It could be easily summed up by coffee shops, prostitutes and bikes! What a cocktail! Ok, I know I was stupid and having been back from Amsterdam for a few hours now, I can tell that I was so wrong, so so wrong. Of course, there are coffee shops (and some quite cool!), prostitutes (considering myself a feminist, it's hard to find any great stuff about this...) and bikes, tons of bikes actually. Bike here, bike there, bike on the front, bike in the back, bike on your left, bike on your right. At first, it can be scary and sometimes, you could wait for endless minutes for crossing the street and after a few hours, it is just part of the landscape, just an element of the postcard. Postcard is not hyperbolic to define Amsterdam. This is a living postcard. Everywhere you look at is beautiful and charming. Apart from the highly touristic & rather formatted very centre of the city, it is quiet here, peaceful, people seem cool (no it is not only thanks to the coffee shops!) and are really friendly and warm. 

This is the first part of our Amsterdam diary with pictures from our stroll in Frederiksplein (the district of our hotel), the visit of the Bloemenmarkt (the flower market) and some other pics from a long walk in the centre. Days filled with sweet memories, laughter, wonder and of course, some shopping sessions! Stay tuned, we'll publish this week an article about our best addresses, stores, shops & restaurants of the city! 

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