The world of fashion collaborations is an intricate & complex one. Every day brings a new one and it is the best way to drive people crazy! For instance, a collab with Supreme or Comme des Garçons (or when these 2 brands meet) is the best way to make money and excite fashion lovers from all over the world. We could also talk about the "H&M X whatever" bringing high fashion to a more humble audience. But all these collabs are, let's admit it, pretty unsurprising. Months before they hit stores, people are getting more and more restless and the day they are eventually out, everything is almost sold out in a flash. Sometimes, I'm dreaming of impossible collabs, the kind that would really surprise me. Don't you think that Fashion is not really fond of surprises these days? I'm not talking about the unbelievable departures of some of the most acclaimed & loved designers here. I'm talking about excitement. An excitement that we could not see coming. One day you wake up and BIG NEWS! There are so many ways to get fashion news nowadays that you simply cannot be aware of what's going on. 

The news of a Cheap Monday X Faustine Steinmetz collaboration really came as a surprise to us. A major one! If you are faithful readers of W.A.R.M. (thank you by the way!) you are already aware of our love for Cheap Monday. We love the cool & irreverent vibes of this brand and it would take me a week to enumerate all the Outfits of the Day & articles we've dedicated to the Swedish brand. Cheap Monday is all about being who you really want to be and not caring about what people might think. I love it for that and there is always something to shop when we are visiting their stores in Paris or London. Its encounter with Faustine Steinmetz, the London-based designer/denim magician, makes complete sense and is a match made in Heaven! We deeply love and admire Steinmetz's work (read our articles about her here or here) for its inventiveness, its craftsmanship and its ethical purpose. Denim is something trivial in our today's world and almost every fashion designer is now rethinking & reworking it but definitely not in Faustine Steinmetz's way. She always injects craziness, couture & beauty in her creations and this collab with the skull logo label is no exception at all! The result is a spectacular take on such pieces as a tee-shirt, a pair of jeans, a denim jacket or a backpack that are all unisex and imbued with the designer's breathtaking techniques of weave & deconstruction. This is an Ode to a Rebel Youth, the one that loves wearing Cheap Monday, the one that loves going to gigs to dance, scream & just feel alive; Faustine Steinmetz told Dazed Magazine that one of her inspirations was the Norwegian Black Metal scene and more particularly, the singer of band called Mayhem who "used to bury his clothes in the ground, to make them rot, before wearing them".

Though I still don't know what 2016 will be made of regarding fashion collabs, I don't think it would be a sacrilege to subtitle this Cheap Monday X Faustine Steinmetz encounter as the Collab of the year. This is a major opportunity to wear the clothes of a designer who has such an important voice and such a uniqueness in today's fashion, you simply cannot miss it!

All the pictures & the video come from cheapmonday.com

Words by Charles Margueritte

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