Fashion is constantly under construction, things cannot be taken for granted. There are no rules. Everything is undergoing a complete & quite exciting mutation. What was working in the past cannot go on in our present days. There has to be another way of making fashion in terms of creation, presentation and marketing. Regarding this era of social media & over-communication we're experiencing, there are obviously good and bad things. Fashion must face all these challenges to be able to go forward. Slowing the pace of the industry, disrupting the fashion week schedule, taking time to focus on the creation and of course responding to the huge demand of sales is inevitable. However, don't be mistaken, fashion is a juicy business, it's just a period of transition not a crisis.

Take for instance street-hardcore avant-garde brands like Vetements that are, season after season, collection after collection, disrupting the industry with their luxury price goods, with their re-interpretation of garments creating modern uniforms the whole world wants to wear. All these pieces are embodying the Vetements touch, a weapon of massive chaos, putting our minds upside down, disturbing the Parisian fashion intelligentsia in only two seasons. But, Western countries are not the only ones experiencing such a revolution, on the other side of the planet, in the far far East coast of the Asian continent, South Korean is taking over the Fashion sphere with an army of streetwise brands the world would kill to wear!

ADER error is one of them. Based on an ideology of simplicity with a wardrobe expressing modernity, it is reinterpreting classics of the streetwear ideology combined with a minimal vibe. Each collection is paying tribute to 90s youth subcultures and gives what people want to wear i.e simple & unique shapes: uniforms that can be worn over and over and over without losing their power of attraction. Logo sweatshirts with exaggerated sleeves, oversize color block knits, 90's denim, funny slogan tees and socks & bombers are designed according to the ADER standard of coolness. All these pieces are unisex and can be ordered online!

This era of extreme social media interactions also has good sides! Thanks to it and to my beloved wanderings on online shops, I came across ANDERSSON BELL. Actually, it's a Scandinavian brand based in South Korea. It's about tying to slow down the pace and thinking deep about fashion, coming up with a daring silhouette inspired by the 90s youth subcultures. They are putting the focus on the clothes, producing valuable garments and are editing new classics season after season, building a sustainable wardrobe, adding or re-thinking staples of everyone's closet. This is really dress to kill unisex pieces people would love to adopt right here, right now!

PS: Don't hesitate to visit their websites, these two innovative & desirable brands are really affordable, you'd be surprised!

Words by Yann Sackville-West

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