Collections like the Autumn Winter 2016 one by Xander Zhou are the kind of collections that are impossible to forget. They just haunt us just like a catchy song you want to listen again and again until you can't stop playing it everyday. Perhaps it's the kind of song that is not easy to adopt as an anthem but sooner or later it becomes a part of yourself and you simply cannot do anything about it. With this collection, Zhou wants to talk about diversity, telling us somehow that we can be us just for one day! This AW16 collection is an ode to David Bowie, to Freedom and especially freedom of speech. The we here is dedicated to all of us because we can all be heroes just for one day no matter our background, the color of our skin, no matter what we wear, no matter our gender: beauty is diverse and one can meet it at every corner, even in the darkest or ugliest places of this world. Diversity is magical because it makes everything possible. Ok, it may be some kind of utopia; believing that life can be as easy as in a Bowie's song or as cool & free-spirited as this Xander Zhou collection who is portraying some kind of modern heroes. I need some magic in my life (we all do! don't we?) and artists are out there to deliver that kind of experience. Honestly, that feels so good to see these boys adorned with glitter & stars walking like they are some kind of neo Bowie, telling us to express ourselves, cherishing every moment life can offer them.

As always, Zhou is going off the beaten track; his rainbow warriors will forever disrupt the definition we could have of beauty & masculinity. There are no rules as beauty is diverse no matter what pieces you choose to wear as long as you feel comfortable into them. His silhouettes are embodying this idea of mixing things you usually don't associate together. Outfits are very extravagant, bold and some are definitely odd. Only Bowie could wear these straight after the runway, keeping the eccentric styling, killing it with glittered red trousers/boots paired with a matching hoodie and wrapping the outfit in a bold blue cord trench coat! This wardrobe is for people who are dressing like they don't care. This is not a wardrobe for sissies! Beware guys! This is definitely for the fearless ones: boys without any inhibitions!  Boys fancying a rainbow tracksuit for a casual Friday at work. Boys partying in a cord suit with a sequined tube t-shirt. The kind of boys who believe a cropped jacket with clownish sleeves are not too much at all. I could go on with this list of over-the-top outfits talking about my favorite ones but the only thing that matters is that freedom doesn't cost a thing. Don't be afraid to use this freedom without any limits. Be yourself because everyone else is already taken! Accept who you are and express yourself no matter what it may cost! Of course, don't try too much, just live your life! 

Pictures by Lillie Eiger for Dazed Digital

Words by Yann Sackville-West

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