If you are asking me now which brand I could wear for the rest of the Summer season I will surely opt for something bold, colorful, fresh, cool and easy-to-wear, something expressing all the sides of my personality. However, if you are asking me about the clothes I'd choose for the rest of my life I will get rid of all the colors, only wearing black pieces from the Comme Des Garçons lines because I'm some kind of "crow"! To be honest, as a fashion freak myself this is definitely a serious talk! But time has not come to think about the rest of my life, let's focus on this next Summer! The ADER ERROR Summer collection is the perfect excuse to forget about what's next; just enjoy re-living the 90's as if it were the first time. 

This collection truly embodies this "I don't want to grow up" vibe, exploring what it's like to be young and restless making it a climax in a human being's existence. The Vetements-like street ethos is certainly a deep inspiration for this collection but one could feel a deeper intention beneath; coming up with a silhouette that is an archetype of a modern man/woman, something easy-to-adopt. ADER ERROR's aim is to produce clothes that are based on simplicity capturing modernity through a minimal approach. Like Vetements, the collections are made by a team who has gathered from different fields just to make clothes with a free & fun spirit. They are not obsessed with the idea of making something new but creating something special & different is much more important. The Seoul-based brand wardrobe for Summer is about re-thinking staples with a touch of humor and with a lot of youth irreverence. This collection is, for me, the epitome of what it's like to be young, free and to live your life as if everything were easy.

This collection is available on May 25th so just like me, you'd better be fast and furious! 

 Pictures via the ADER ERROR website

Words by Yann Sackville-West

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