Making a Top Five of our favourite collections from LCM Spring Summer 2017 was hard in a way. Hard to feature all those who have made our hearts beat quicker. Hard to find the right compromise to please both Yann & I. Hard to pick just one collection as THE COLLECTION. This season, in London, designers surpassed themselves to make us travel far far away. On a lonely planet with Le Petit Prince [@JWAnderson]. In Ethiopia [@GraceWalesBonner]. In a gay club where love is all what matters [@XanderZhou]. In India with mysterious maharajahs[@AlexanderMcQueen]. Or simply in the streets of London, a city that we love so much. British fashion is very much alive and season after season, new talents [Charles Jeffrey, Per Götesson, Ximon Lee, Alex Mullins and so many more!] give it a more powerful impact and a well-deserved visibility.

As you can easily imagine, this Top 5 is completely subjective and can be seen as a Celebration of Beauty. Beauty in all its shapes, forms, colours. A quiet Beauty or a flamboyant one [@EdwardCrutchley]. Here are 5 collections that gave us faith in the world we're living in. 

1/ The Collection: Edward Crutchley

Pictures via Nowfashion

2/ The Story: Le Petit Prince @JWAnderson

Pictures by Fernando Uceda for LOVE Magazine

3/ The One To Watch: Per Götesson @MAN

Pictures by Chloé Le Drezen for Dazed

4/ The Radical Beauty@GraceWalesBonner

Picture by Chloé Le Drezen for Dazed

5/ The Manifesto: Celebrating Gay Culture @XanderZhou

Picture by Fernando Uceda for LOVE Magazine

Made by Charles Margueritte & Yann Sackville-West

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