Just like us 2 weeks before the start of our holidays, Fashion is all about travelling these days. Travelling far far away in some exotic places or travelling in your mind, thinking about the wonders of our world. Carrying the weight of the planet on your shoulders or being just as free as a bird. This Top 5 dedicated to the Spring Summer 2017 Menswear collections of Milan is an Ode to Travel and the best way to celebrate the most accurate & exciting Italian brands. We often say that Milan is a sweet (but quite boring) transition between the flamboyant London & the radical Paris but this season, our beloved brands & designers did not disappoint us with beautiful, desirable & intelligent collections! Here are our favourites.

1/ The Manifesto: "Our Past in a Heavy Weight to Carry"@Prada

Pictures by Virginia Arcaro for Dazed

2/ The Colour: 50 Shades of Blue @NeilBarrett

Pictures via Vogue Runway

3/ The Story: Travelling Without Moving @Gucci

Pictures by Virginia Arcaro for Dazed

4/ The Model: Finnlay Davis



@Prada [Pictures via Vogue Runway]

5/ The Collection: Marni

Pictures by Martina Ferrara for Dazed

Made by Charles Margueritte

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