Finding the perfect denim jacket may seem a pleasure cruise but it is not! At least when you have an ideal jacket on your mind it is hard to find all the other ones interesting... a bit like a love affair actually. Until recently, our quest led us nowhere and to tell the truth we had even given up. But just like a love affair, when you're no longer looking for love, love is knocking at your door and this unexpected event makes it even more welcome and heartwarming. Last week, as we were looking for some additional pieces for our WE LOVE GREEN Festival outfit, we visited the Paris Monki store, a prerequisite when in the French capital and we saw it: the PERFECT DENIM JACKET! Oversize, with some vintage vibes & cool embellishments on the back (and one tiny little shooting star on the front), it made our weak fashionistos' hearts melt at once. We love this jacket so much that we decided to feature it once again in an Outfit Of The Day. When you're in love, heart always prevails over reason. 

MONKI Denim Jacket [shop it here]
HORACE Tee-Shirt
& OTHER STORIES Sunglasses
VANS Sneakers

Visit the Monki #monkistyle section where we're featured a few times!!

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