I have often been qualified as someone wild. That suits me quite well. As far as I am concerned, I think it's better that way than the contrary. Someone too easy to understand is dubious. I love having this image to be honest. I am wild (not in the Mel B.//animal print jumpsuit way be reassured!) but when I love someone, I love him/her with all my heart so I guess that's the perfect counterbalance! I hate half-hearted relationships, unenthusiastic places or people. When I am travelling somewhere - and I know that Yann feels the same- we need to be bedazzled, we need to find atypical spots. You can be sure that people around us do not really understand this attraction to uncommon places or to not that welcoming climates. That's the way we are! Travelling to the same places as thousand of people is not something we love. We need peace, beautiful, untamed spots where our minds can travel freely. Before heading to Stockholm next week for a second trip in this cool city, we had the chance to visit Cotentin for a few days with the best of guides: my Mom. 

Contrary to the crowded & according to me, less charming Eastern South of France, Cotentin in Normandy is a land where you can breathe. Not only because the wind is always blowing either in a soft & peaceful way, almost like a caress or in a more impetuous & unfriendly way but also and above all because everywhere you go you can enjoy the wonderful show of Nature. An endless beach with some people here and there but there is so much room, you can hardly notice them! A wheatfield near the sea, slowly windswept by the sea breeze as if you were in a Terence Malick's movie. Port Racine, France's smallest harbour and its little beach composed of the softest & cutest peebles I have ever seen. Small roads snaking along a wild & always changing coast. This land is beautiful and I could use all the adjectives possible to describe it. Yet, the best way to discover it is to visit it and judge by yourself that this part of France is one of the most beautiful! Lord knows that France is a magnificent country! Of course, I know, fellow readers, that if you plan on visiting France (and we need you!) this part is certainly not on your list but if you can, make a detour to enjoy energizing Cotentin's sea air. When we arrived here, we were more than exhausted, six days after (and with a little help from my Mom's cooking) we are more than ready for our Swedish journey!

 PORT RACINE, France's smallest harbour

Yann & My Mom

Cotentin is often described as an island and in a way, that's true! When there, you feel in a spatiotemporal bubble far from all the turmoil of your everyday life. This is the best way to disconnect! But it's something you have to work for; the weather can be rough sometimes and the temperature of the sea is, well, invigorating... But if you want to feel disoriented, you should definitely visit it!


Urville Nacqueville

Thanks Mom!

All these pictures were taken by us

Words by Charles Margueritte

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