We're back! Two weeks away from our blog have been hard but necessary to enjoy coming back to it. Yann & I often forgot about the real meaning of "holidays". During our holidays, we were even more working on our blog and we've never disconnected before. In more than 4 years, this is the longest break we've taken. Two weeks may seem nothing on a human scale but on a blogger's scale, it is an eternity! But we really and deeply needed this break to take care of those we love & cherish, to end our holidays softly & peacefully, to think about the future and above all, to snap out of these marvelous holidays we spent in Stockholm! We had no doubt that they would be great and memorable but we were far from imagining that the Swedish capital is a blessing in Summer! The weather was amazing (even the people there could not believe their eyes!), the colours of the city -this perfect mix between the colours of the buildings and that of the sky- is picture perfect and the people are so damn sweet & welcoming (French peeps you should seriously take a lesson from them!). Of course, heading to Sweden for Summer is not something regular in France and you should have seen our workmates' expression when we told them. Yet, if you really want to rest, to find yourself in some quiet & cool place, Stockholm & all the islands around it are the perfect destination! We can only recommend it to you Dear Readers!

So we're back. But before being really back for good with new fashion posts, new outfits of the day, new Tops 10, we'd like to share with you our Stockholm diary, the pictures & moments that really contributed to make our stay memorable. First, we have to tell you about our visit to the Moderna Museet, the Modern Art Museum of Stockholm, nestled in a beautiful island, in the middle of trees & peace. We really love this museum for its architecture, its collection & for its tranquility. There may be hundreds of visitors, it is always quiet. The best way to enjoy the works of art & the beautiful surroundings. The first time we went there, we were particularly thrilled to visit the Louise Bourgeois exhibition, perhaps the best art exhibition we had the chance to visit (along with the Damien Hirst's one at London's Tate Modern). This time, Yayoi Kusama, another fundamental female art figure, has the place of honour (until September 11th) and her exhibition is a complete & fascinating insight into her work, her obsessive work around the polka dots (though reducing Kusama's work to polka dots would be way too simple!); for instance, I was surprised to see that some of her paintings were influenced by Aboriginal Art and despite the colours & quite naive contents, these were nothing but naive & light. This exhibition was also a great way to take nice & inspiring pictures (French museums you should also take a lesson from it!), pictures you can now see and I hope you'll like them as much as we loved taking them!

CHARLES is wearing RIVER ISLAND Jacket; MARC BY MARC JACOBS Tee-Shirt; WEEKDAY Jeans & ADIDAS Y-3 Qasa High Sneakers


This picture & all those above were taken at the Yayoi Kusama's exhibition. The rest of the pictures below are of the Moderna Museet collection.

Words by Charles Margueritte

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