Until recently, Yann could not imagine that he would be unfaithful to the Comme des Garçons fragrances. It's been a while since he started making my life sublime with his gorgeous smell (and with many other things). He is quite a connoisseur to be honest and has successfully tried a wide range of their fragrances from MAN 2 to PLAY BLACK or GREEN via the newest DOTS. All these smells are so divine and so complex! Yann's larger than life love for the Comme des Garçons scents goes even further than their perfumes since he is quite obsessed (and I am too) with their candles & incenses too. With such meaningful names as KYOTO or AVIGNON, they are invitations to dream & travel, almost like Madeleines of Proust, reminding you of things deeply anchored in your minds. And the mere fact of lighting an incense stick is quite an appeal to meditation & spirituality; words having a deep meaning when it comes to Comme des Garçons.

Until recently, I have to admit I could not imagine Yann with another smell on his skin. The Comme des Garçons fragrances were all about him, almost in his DNA. But this was until our latest weekend in Paris when we smelt the brand new perfume imagined by Jonathan Anderson for LOEWE. Do we really need to tell you how much we love & admire Jonathan Anderson's work & vision? The British designer is a visionary man & a true genius and since his arrival at the head of Loewe, he has completely redefined this noble but asleep Spanish house. It is now literally on everybody's lips with smart, arty, mesmerizing collections. We are quite sure that this fragrance named 001 will also ensure it an enviable position in the highly competitive world of perfume; a world that is more & more filled with creations from every fashion house (even Louis Vuitton wants its share of the spoils now!). So, of course, you need to offer something unique to the customer (whether it be through a famous face everybody knows & loves, through an ad that will stay long in your minds -for instance the incredible Spike Jonze's commercial for the brand new Kenzo fragrance- or through a powerful cocktail of spellbinding smells, something that will make you feel unique). The new Loewe perfume or should I write perfumes (one for Men and another one for Women) can be classified in this last category. And in a way, they are reminiscent of the Comme des Garçons ones with their perfect mix of rich & almost orgasmic scents. Their composition is more or less the same with more cypress & violet for Men, and more jasmine & vanilla for Women. What is new & quite unique with these two is that you can mix them to create a third fragrance, some kind of agender one; a transgression in the codified world of perfume-making and once again, something Rei Kawakubo's label could do too.

This is a radical innovation and another proof that Jonathan Anderson, just like the great fashion visionaries of our times, is not afraid to push the boundaries, to jostle the established order and to play with genders (a burning topic at the moment!). This is just another bold idea from our favorite Jonathan Anderson and we hope we've given you the desire to smell these fragrances. But beware, once you've smelt them, they will become your sweetest obsession/addiction! And to be honest, it is quite a feeling to own something from Loewe. It may seem superficial but trust us, this brand is becoming so iconic that even if it's a perfume bottle, you are touching a myth here. A delectable feeling!

Words by Yann Sackville West & Charles Margueritte

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