We have our own definition of a modern man; a man both cool & cute. Someone who loves playing with fashion. Someone who loves standing out in the streets. Someone having a lot of fun with clothes. Someone who is not pretending with the help of playful clothes. And above all, someone who does not consider clothes according to a gender. This is a Modern Man according to us.

A few days ago, we were invited by Rene Gurskov, a Danish fashion designer, to visit the Cube Showroom in Paris, to have an extended look at what he has imagined for next Spring Summer season and in a way, to have a look at the Spring Summer 2017 wardrobe of a Modern Man. Watching these beautiful pieces hanging on the rails, the first thing coming to our minds was "clothes with a twist". Indeed, these are fun clothes inspired by club kids & sailor uniforms. A mix, in a way, of things that have a deep meaning for the designer who lives in Copenhagen, a city having a long love story with the sea, with shipping (and especially with Russia, hence the Russian words on some pieces) and who was in his young years, a fierce clubber. Gurskov's clothes have a point of view even if, at first sight, a mix of sailor & clubber might seem odd. But this isn't at all! Rene Gurskov has a unique storytelling and talking with him, we could feel it. This collection is, in a way, an ode to Copenhagen and the result is beautiful garments, easy to wear, with Peter Pan vibes, innocent & childish vibes. Clothes to party, to feel good, to feel perfectly fine. Clothes to make you smile.

This impression of feel-good garments is enhanced by the twisted proportions & textures that make them daring & unique. Kimono cuts to twist a bomber or a sweatshirt. Crochet to revisit the sailor stripes on a jumper. Humorous slogans & kawaï sailor teddy bears (a sort of logo for SS17) to adorn tee-shirts. With this collection, Rene Gurskov is playing with the codes of sportswear & navy-wear succeeding in softening things that could have looked harder such as a tee-shirt embellished with a crochet harness or in adding a touch of glamorous attitude even in the most emblematic sportswear pieces by cutting a sweatshirt in a glittering cotton. He is also adding ruffles to take common track shorts to another dimension. These details are deeply meaningful throughout the collection just like the larger than life proportions of the boxer shorts or of the "mega" jeans that may look odd but that are, at the end of the way, what we are really looking for: pieces standing by themselves, pieces expressing something, something not so basic.

Visiting a showroom and meeting designers who can explain directly to us the meaning of their creations is (we know we've already told you a certain number of times but this is so important to us, so precious, so exhilarating) a moment we wouldn't miss for anything in the world. It's also the occasion to try on some brand new pieces. After all, trying on them is the best way to be able to speak about them. We are fond of outerwear so it was hard to resist two incredible pieces from this SS17 collection. Charles opted for an oversize bomber jacket with kimono sleeves, something so light, so cool, so effortless. I was immediately attracted to a cropped denim slashed jacket with a soft & incredible texture. It fits me perfectly, like a second skin. So pleasant & exquisite!

With this collection and in a more general way, with his whole work, Rene Gurskov wants his customers to play with Fashion. Why so serious? He seems to tell us. At the end of the day, they are only clothes. That's no big deal guys! Have fun! Feel free! Be "Pretty Boys all de way" (we love this motto!)! As long as you feel cool & beautiful, you shouldn't care about the rest!

 Pictures courtesy of the designer

Words by Yann Sackville-West & Charles Margueritte

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