Everything is so predictable nowadays! In this world of über-information, of über-connectivity ruled by the unstoppable & omniscient Internet (in a way, thank God it does exist otherwise we couldn't share with you our emotions regarding Fashion), there are no more surprises. And it is sad. Before heading to a place we don't know, we already know everything that has to be known. Sometimes, it's good to be carried away, don't you think?

Last weekend, we were in Paris to do some shopping (we have a good excuse, we are fashion bloggers!), to see some friends & family and to visit the Fondation Louis Vuitton. We thought we knew this place even before going there thanks to the Louis Vuitton shows that took place there. We knew this place was exceptional and exciting. We were wrong. This place designed by legendary architect Frank Gehry (and adorned by Daniel Buren's colourful work) is beyond exceptional & exciting. This place is a dream. Its architecture is at the same time, complex & simple. It sometimes looks small and sometimes it is immense. It is like a spaceship landed in a beautiful & joyful park. I was the one in charge of the camera that day and I literally could not stop photographing (I was greatly helped by the amazing weather!). This place blew my mind and the only thing I want is going back.

Hope you'll enjoy these pictures I took as much as I did when taking them. And if you're in Paris someday, forget about the Eiffel Tower or the Champs Elysées, the first thing to do is visiting this extraordinary place that will make you travel far, far away. Somewhere else. Somewhere beautiful.

Words & Pictures by Charles Margueritte

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