Speaking the language of Céline means that someone is naturally attracted to Phoebe Philo 's creations. These people are not ill, suffering some kind of diseases, but just mad the luxury Parisian house. We can call them the Céline-nophile standing for the worshipers of Phoebe Philo! Despite being a man I'm part of these crazy people, loving anything about Céline. That's something I cannot explain to the one who doesn't feel the same emotion. It's just like magic! I cannot tell you how the fantasy is working but it's like an instant crush or like Carrie Bradshaw loves to name it ZSA ZSA ZSU ! I could literally kill for Céline 's garments (kidding). Honestly, I'm not objective at all about Céline and it's a good thing! This is what this blog is all about : telling you guys how much we love fashion and trying to describe this emotion in the most transparent way!

Phoebe Philo has been establishing a vocabulary of disrupted classics, redefining a woman 's wardrobe since she arrived at Céline. The aesthetic is based on minimalism but Phoebe Philo is playing with these codes , blurring them, re-inventing it and creating a new silhouette very recognizable which is full of a certain femininity (intellectual, playful, sexy, irreverent, bold , classic, sophisticate, charming).
I know Phoebe Philo is a huge fan of uniforms (I am as well) and I am fascinated by her take on it in her Autumn Winter 2016-17 collection, twisting it with pajama wear! According to me these uniforms know no precedent for me! That's not a new idea to create hybrid daywear outfits using pajama, but Phoebe Philo made feel new like it was the first time : a cotton shirt to layer over viscose trousers and the two having a dramatic effect when they made their appearance on the catwalk! These outfits were more effective than the ones from the Spring Summer 2013 collection.  The idea of hybrid day wear comes certainly from that collection. It's the same idea of putting lingerie into day wear. It's disturbing in a way, but it's so brilliant!

Ad pictures are courtesy of Céline
Runway Pictures are shot by Chloé Le Drezen

We are all aware of the prices of Céline knowing that it costs a thing! I was so thrilled when I saw a pajama in the Kenzo X HM collection! They gave new life to the medaillon print from the early collections of Carol Lim and Humberto Leon. No need to say that it was on my radar and I fought on the website to grab one! I may not wear Céline clothes yet but I understand its ethos!

Words by Yann-Sackville West 

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