Christmas is coming guys! Haven't you noticed? The comforting smell of warm wine. Xmas lights & trees everywhere. I am not particularly fond of this period usually but this year 2016 has been so special (and not in a good way if you know what I mean) that I need to be overwhelmed by this warm feeling people got in December. I want to feel the Christmas spirit. I need my family by my side. I need good food, good laughs, good wine. I really need quality time with the people that count. And perhaps if I have been good enough I will get some presents too (trust me I've been a good boy!). As far as I'm concerned, having some presents under the Xmas tree also contributes to this heartwarming feeling. One thing I'd love to find under my tree (and I know that Yann feels the same) this year is Gosha Rubchinskiy's new collection. Do you remember how crazy was the Fashion Sphere after Rubchinskiy's presentation at Pitti Uomo back in June? Well here it is! The first pieces of this SS17 collection will be available by tomorrow at Dover Street Market (and on their website as well). 

These days we are living an insane period of 90s revival when everything that looked so unfashionable & ludicrous a few years ago now is the Absolute Must; something that could be easily summed up by the Chav/Chavette Style. Logos, tracksuits & the comeback of some infamous sportswear labels such as Sergio Tacchini, Fila or Kappa. One often says that Fashion is a never-ending story, an eternal cycle; these days this "proverb" is fully realized. I can remember all my friends wearing these labels back in our high school days and I can also remember that I did not find them very cool (though I was myself not really cool), quite ugly to be honest but men evolve, things change (a wise man changes his mind sometimes, a fool never) and now, thanks to Rubchinskiy's magical touch, I am under his spell and I want to be a Chav too! I want these hoodies with large branding, I need to be a Kappa or Fila boy as if I were a frat member in some cool universities. I want to go back to my teen years and make them look better & cooler! So if you're lucky and above all QUICK enough, try to order some of these pieces that are, compared to the Hype they provoke, quite affordable. And if you have a bigger budget you could even order some Raf Simons SS17 coming to DSM tomorrow too but this is not exactly in the same price range...

Pictures via Dover Street Market

Words by Charles Margueritte

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