The name of Korean label ANDERSSON BELL acts like a sweet seductive melody.  It has the same power of attraction as Anita Ward's Ring My Bell (Trust me this comparison makes total sense to Charles and I! We are completely obsessed!) Warning guys! This is another non-objective post about another Korean label that you should definitely keep in mind. After all, this blog is about everything we adore in fash-un. You couldn't say you did not know!

ANDERSSON BELL is the kind of brand that makes you instantly want to get rid of all your wardrobe just like other Korean labels such as Ader Error, Low Classic, RShemiste, GroundZero and the list could still be long. The second part of their Autumn Winter 16 collection has literally put us upside down! We are completely dévasté (a word we're fond of these days, using it for any kind of occasions)! The lookbook was shot by Sang Hung Lee in the streets of Paris starring Robbi G & Aliz Menyhert styled by KyuHou. Andersson Bell is another Korean response to the Vetements phenomenon. Just like the Parisian luxury brand, Andersson Bell is playing with the codes of sportswear and tailoring mixing them with underground youth subcultures. You can really feel that Andersson Bell's creative team is a big fan of Vetements & Raf Simons just as these two are big worshipers of Martin Margiela's work. The Korean label wants people to focus on their beautiful creations thanks to an incredible attention to details and, a clever & so cool use of logos; the cherry on cake being that these clothes are affordable & Made In Korea. The only thing that could make you reconsider your order is the customs fee and some Korean brands simply don't ship overseas. Be reassured guys! It's not the case with Andersson Bell! We love it when Korea looks so close to us!

Pictures from the Winter 16 lookbook of Andersson Bell

Words by Yann Sackville-West & Charles Margueritte

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