Yesterday, under a pouring rain, we lived the fast life in Paris. We did exactly what we love because you know, our hearts are filled with fashion dreams. Visiting showrooms, attending shows, having a look at the new collections in the coolest concept stores and also finding ourselves in the same subway train as Julia Nobis, our absolute favorite model (this is so crazy we still cannot realize!). We were living a waking dream. We don't really get the concept of being blasé by Fashion. How can you possibly be? Our blog allowed us to meet some outstanding people and we're sure this is only the beginning! Among all these exceptional characters, these people deserving all our attention, there is Rene Gurskov, a Danish designer who knows how to fulfill our fashionistos' dreams.

His brand new collection for Autumn Winter 2017/18, presented in Paris at Cube Showroom till March 8th, is entitled Endeavour and was inspired by the British TV show of the same name, following the adventures of Endeavour Morse "a split person, first studying among the British upper class later working with common policeman in Oxford. never feeling among equals" in the designer's words. Just like Morse, this collection goes from one side to the other, from menswear (Rene Gurskov is originally a menswear designer but his clothes are so desirable girls wanted to wear his garments too) to womenswear or from chavette style to a good boy from Oxford one, the result is a quasi unisex wardrobe redefining at the same time the notions of Class, Cool & Beauty. Beautiful, twisted uniforms for boys & girls undergoing the Gurskov touch i.e with fun, cool playful, not too serious vibes. Life can already be so boring sometimes! We love his garments because they make you feel special & beautiful. A simple but completely unique beauty that, still according to the designer, "gives the opportunity to dress as "you are"- a mix of upperclass or just class mixed with your favorite working class hero!"

With Rene Gurskov, there is always a play on proportions, colors, prints with fun & humorous/catchy slogans (here, MONEY SUCCESS FAME GLAMOUR). His clothes definitely put you on a pedestal!  All the hues of pink make you stand and worn with slit shorts or flare denim, you got a killer look! All the pieces here are versatile and can be worn with various proportions. We love how the designer proposes different types of uniforms coming from various backgrounds; the twisted tracksuit worn with a super cool gingham fleece sweatshirt that reminds us of a more popular background (the "chav" subculture) or the posher cricket print on shirts & tee-shirts, and some other elements like the open-shouldered sweaters, the shirt with straps or with asymmetric collar, or the gorgeous knickers with suspenders. Absolutely desirable! The perfect outfits for some kind of modern hero but definitely not your typical kind of hero. 

The knitwear and above all, the outerwear propositions are the best way to empower & strengthen a silhouette; a cropped & so nicely structured nylon bomber, the big cozy/comfy printed one (see Charles wearing it below) or the statement red faux fur coat that Yann is fiercely sporting in the picture below! Too cool for school! Yesterday, we really got the confirmation that Rene Gurskov is a brand that knows how to make clothes you want to wear, clothes of great quality, clothes producing an emotion; you see the pieces you want to wear them, to own them. Yann is the best example. At first, he did not really want to wear the red faux fur coat but once he was wearing it, he felt so good into it, so perfectly in the mood you need to have to wear it. He was rocking it! He had been grabbed by the power of Rene Gurskov's fashion!

Words by Yann Sackville-West & Charles Margueritte

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