When it comes to music I can become obsessional quite quickly. Like a kid who loves a movie so much he/she can spend hours and hours watching it (that reminds me of my younger brother who would watch the Die Hards on a loop), I can be quite frightening & weird (let's face it) when a song enters my mind and never leaves it. I have been experiencing this situation since Lorde released her new song Green Light and it has gotten even worse since Liability, another new song came out. I was eagerly waiting for Lorde's new album. I needed a new album by Lorde, she has such a unique & precious place in the Pop music landscape. When her 1st album came out four years ago, an album deservedly entitled Pure Heroine (hence my addiction), I had an epiphany! She sounded so new, so genuine when describing what it feels like for a teenage girl; though I wasn't myself neither a teenager nor a girl, it deeply moved me. Just listen to her song Ribs to get convinced, it is so beautiful and feels so right, the words, the music, the arrangement; everything is perfect ans some sentences are still deeply anchored in my heart "it feels so scary getting old".

So a new album is coming in June, it is called Melodrama and I'm already loving it! Once again it will be about her life, about love, about disappointments, about what she went through after the huge success of her first effort. The first two songs are definitely setting the tone as to what to expect; it will be crazy, emotional, with a hint of Bowie (especially in Liability) and it will make us dance! Talking about our beloved David Bowie, he once said some times before his death that Lorde was the future of music, I love to think so too. Ok this will only be her second album but what she's creating is quite phenomenal for someone so young (she is only 20!!). What she is achieving in these songs is fascinating and her voice is more powerful & distinctive than ever! The live performances she gave last weekend at Saturday Night Live (and many many others! The first coming to my mind is perhaps the amazing tribute she paid to Mr Bowie at last year's Brit Awards) can only be the ultimate proof that Lorde is a great artist of our times!

Words by Charles Margueritte

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