To be honest, we thought that being on holidays would give us the motivation to be constant & hardworking on our Blog. We definitely have things to say/write (about the latest Raf Simons collection or about the closure of Colette for instance), we have outfits of the day that could be posted yet we are feeling a huge huge need to take some time for us, with our friends & family and an even huger need to be lazy. We are not usually the kind of lazy persons but after all these intense months, we need to calm down, take some rest, visit our new city (we thought we already knew it well but our discoveries are endless!), think about what's next. So, dear readers, please excuse our idleness, our scarce posts and be sure we'll be back one day with a lot of stuff to write about and a lot to say about the crazy world of fashion.
In the meantime, enjoy this latest #ootd we shot a few days ago in the Jardin des Plantes in the 5th arrondissement. 

UNIQLO Trousers
SPITFIRE Sunglasses
SWATCH "Mona Lisa" Watch
VANS Sneakers


W.A.R.M. TOP 10 [07/02]

Here is a brand new Top 10 with all the things that caught our attention this week! We are right in the middle of the exciting AW17 Ad Campaign season so it's kind not a surprise if you find some here. Let's admit it, some are pretty disappointing these days but fortunately, we also have some nice surprises like Kate Moss's appearance in the latest Miu Miu. It seems thatit is a special Alasdair McLellan week with the 3 first entries being the result of his work. A lot of new music too to enjoy this Sunday in the best of ways!

1/ The Ad Campaign: MIU MIU Autumn Winter 2017 by Alasdair McLellan

2/ The Music Video: The XX - I Dare You by Alasdair McLellan

3/ The Magazine: LOVE Magazine #18 by Alasdair McLellan

4/ The TV Show: The Inhumans

5/ The Collab: Gucci X Coco Capitan

6/ The Talk Of The Town: Kendrick Lamar - ELEMENT

7/ The Editorial: Les Vacances en Bretagne by Nicole Franke for Fucking Young!

8/ The Song: St Vincent - New York

9/ The Models: Julia Nobis, Natalie Westling & Anna Ewers by Jamie Hawkesworth for W Magazine




10/ The One To Watch: Hiandra Martinez

By Steven Meisel for MOSCHINO AW17

By Steven Meisel for COACH AW17

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