Is Europe still relevant today? We do not have the ambition to analyze this here and now and especially in a fashion blog that is slowly (but surely) trying to "rise from its ashes". However, we may wonder. Ultra-nationalism is growing like a cancer and is killing it. At first, Europe was meant to maintain peace and make people live together, but the Brexit and the Independent government of Cataluna have been seriously questioning this primary goal. It's as if we were, in a way, experiencing the same crisis than before WW2; let's be honest, these days, people are withdrawing into themselves and are forgetting the very meaning of open-mindedness, they don't want to be together, they don't want to mix and are more into fighting against each other, fighting to get back their identities, to protect their territories. This is turning into something gloomy & depressing.

Fortunately, Rene Gurskov, our favourite Danish designer is here to remind us of the best sides of Europe! Euro Boy, his latest collection for Spring Summer 2018, is quite optimistic and is exploring the best aspects of Europe; Fashion, Food, Philosophy (in the shape of a "Warholian" portrait of Kierkegaard, a Danish philosopher who used to live in the same building as Gurskov's studio) & Art. A colorful and pop result exploring every aspect of life; good & evil, beautiful & ugly, fun, positive. Europe should be at the same time a matter of coherence & difference, of diversity & beauty. These are the biggest strengths of Europe. This dichotomy can be traced all along the collection with a balanced mix of bright colors, prints & slogans and some darker pieces with distressed details embodying the slow decay of Europe.

In the press kit, Rene & his team are giving us the definition of the Euro Boy: "A teenage boy or a young man from Europe. They are well-dressed, sophisticated, and extremely attractive. They tend to be far more polite than American boys, which is part of their euro-charm. If they are french, expect cheek kisses." A  definition we love. A definition that makes us want to meet one. Perhaps we already have! Who knows?

All these notions are embodied in Rene Gurskov's clothes. You can definitely feel the vibes from the slogans on the clothes to the sweaters full of humor from the colorful shirts to the dark embroidered pieces, because all that diversity is part of Europe and is essential to understand how it was/is built. This collection is a genuine celebration of living together and accepting our differences & divergent opinions. And of course, this is also and more simply, a wardrobe full of wild & exciting pieces we definitely want to sport for this Spring Summer season! A wardrobe we had the chance to admire back in October when we visited the designer at the Cube Showroom in Paris.

Yann photographed by Rene Gurskov

Pictures coming from the Rene Gurskov SS18 lookbook